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MCWA is a diverse, inclusive group of moms all living in the West Adams and Mid-City neighborhoods (see attached map) offering each other support. Each month we take turns hosting a variety of activities, including playgroups, field trips, an all-member meeting, and a moms’ night out. We typically set them up and coordinate meals for new baby arrivals. We also have an online discussion group (via Facebook; our searchable Yahoo group is now basically defunct) that serves as an unending peer resource; occasional holiday celebrations; an annual family picnic; and regular service projects to support our community. Beyond all that, there are some other member-coordinated activities – like a bi-monthly knitting group, a book club, monthly pizza party, and even backyard mom & me yoga classes!
With the exception of our moms’ night out and a handful of mom-centered activities, kids are welcome at all of our events. Most are held during the daytime on weekdays, with the periodic weekend event thrown in for good measure. As a prospective member, you’re invited to attend up to two playgroups or other activities before joining. Often the locations change from week to week, with different members hosting in their home or a location of their choice.

We have several different playgroups, most which are based on loose age groups:

  • Baby Bonanza (usually infants/crawlers and a bit beyond – roughly 0-18mos)
  • Ladybugs (all ages – including preschoolers etc)
  • Tots (typically busy walkers/toddlers – roughly 18mos-3years)
  • Weekend (all ages)

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