our community


The above map indicates our membership boundaries, encompassing the communities of West Adams and Mid-City Los Angeles.  As a group, we try to center our weekly playgroups within this area, but we also coordinate one-off activities and events throughout Los Angeles to take advantage of our great city.

To give back to our community, MCWA holds an annual fundraiser to benefit a local organization of the club’s collective choosing, as well as regular service projects to support area organizations.  A few examples of past community service include our regular community food drives at the Wellington Square Farmers’ market to benefit the LA Food Bank in South LA;  a holiday Secret Santa gift donation to kids and mothers at the Good Shepard Center for Homeless Women; and handmade-valentine delivery to patients at the Children’s Hospital of LA.  In recent years, many moms in the club came together to help develop a new local charter school to help create new educational options in the neighborhood.  Your involvement in the club can help foster all levels of community improvement!


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